4 Density Training Circuits

4 Density Training Circuits

I posted a short article about Density Training a few days ago and  I also talked about how I totally flattened my friend with one of these 10 minute workouts - you can read about his harassment (I mean embarrassment) here.

Since then, I've been asked if I could give some more workout examples.

Seen as i'm super, uber cool, here goes.

Circuit 1 (10 reps each exercise)

1)  Push Up

2)  DB Reverse Lunge

3)  Pull Up/Pull Down

 Circuit 2 (10 reps each exercise)

1)  Dumbbell Chest Press (Incline)

2)  Lateral Lunges

3)  Dumbbell Row (Neutral Grip)

Circuit 3 (10 reps each exercise)

1)  Dumbbell Chest Press (Bench or Swiss Ball)

2)  Barbell Romanian Deadlift

3)  Upright Row

Circuit 4 (10 reps each exercise)

1)  Mountain Push Up (Variation)

2)  Goblet Squat

3)  Barbell Row (Wide Grip)

How Would I Use These Circuits?

1) As A Workout Finisher; I would perform one of these circuits for 5 minutes at the end of a metabolic resistance training session, before you do your isolation work (if at all), this will send your metabolism through the roof and increase the amount of calories burned right there and then.

So, if your enjoying your current routine, but results have began to plateau, this approach would benefit you.

2) Rotate Them Every Other Day; if you're really pressed for time but still want an awesome workout then a ten minute density circuit is for you, make sure that you warm up and cool down as usual.

This also works if for some reason, on the day you can't perform your usual workout due to time constraints. You could pull one of these density workouts from your SmartFit locker and never miss a session again.

For maximum returns I would also follow this strategy with a quick Interval Training block of some sort, such as; sprints, skipping or body weight training.

3) Perform Two Circuits Back To Back; if you really enjoy this type of training, which is common due to its competitive and the clear progressive nature then you can move on to performing two 10 minute circuits back to back.

But, this should only be done if you're experienced with this type of high intensity resistance training and make sure you rest for a few minutes in between circuits.

Beware, I've seen experienced trainees curled over the toilet seat after performing two density circuits back to back, so be sure to pace yourself at first and progress accordingly.

Remember: in order to continuously progress you need to push your body to adapt, the problem is your body does this very quickly.

So, its important that you change your workouts on a regular basis by playing with the variables; time, sets, reps, exercises, environment etc.

I have found a 4 to 6 week period to be highly efficient with myself and my clients, I will be writing more about this in the future.

Good luck with these circuits, keep me posted on your success and please leave your comments or questions below.

Speak soon cup cake.

Nathan (dense is my middle name) Carr

P.s If you missed my previous post about density training here it is again.

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